Our Author: Melanie Wise | Carrying Freedom | MercyOutreachBlog.com

Melanie Wise, Director of Outreach

Having previously served as a church youth pastor for six years and at various roles at Mercy for over four years, Melanie is now Mercy’s Director of Outreach. Melanie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Abilene Christian University.

Our Author: Jen Otero | Carrying Freedom | MercyOutreachBlog.com

Jen Otero, Outreach Ambassador & Resource Development Specialist

Jen has served at Mercy for over ten years and has counseled in various capacities for over 15 years. Previously Counselor and Director of Counseling in the Nashville Mercy home, she is now Mercy’s Outreach Ambassador and Resource Development Specialist. Jen holds a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.